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Marcia Williams Cromer

A native of Huntsville, TX, Marcia Williams Cromer began writing early in life. "Everyone has a story to tell," Marcia says. "They only need to be asked. Even the shyest person will open up." People are a constant fascination for her… their successes, trials, joys and sorrows have always fascinated this self-confessed "addicted people watcher."


Her latest book, The Rancher in Stilettos, is a romantic novel based on a group of six black women whose relationship spans their entire lives. They met as children in the small Texas town where they grew up and forged a bond that would last a lifetime. Though not biological, "The Dreamers" are sisters in every sense of the word, and when life struggles present themselves, the women form their "Dreamers Circle" of protection against outside forces. You can't stereotype Zaide Grace and her friends. Try to put "The Dreamers" in a box and they will decorate it with every color and invite the world in for a tour.

A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts in English, her professional career includes corporate marketing, communications and project management. Marcia is an expert in visual communication and rhetoric, design of print and online documents, and cultural implications in technical and business writing. She has published corporate communications for wireless telecom, financial and health care industries. In 2007, Marcia took her corporate skills and launched her own marketing firm, Virgo Events & Productions.

When she has time outside of her work commitments, Marcia loves to travel the world, meeting new people and hearing about their experiences. An important aspect of her life is family and friends. Marcia refers to herself as the "crazy glue that holds us all together." Her first book of poetry, "Go… And Find Yourself Some Happiness," is a tribute to her late paternal grandmother, Maggie Williams, a role model from whom Marcia continues to draw strength. In addition to various civic board and volunteer positions, Marcia serves as president of The Cecil and Bernice Williams Scholarship Fund which offers annual support to deserving students in honor of her parents who were life-long educators. 

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